Manga and anime are not as big here as they are in certain other parts of the world. A trend that is slowly catching on, with cos play shows around the Northeast and comic cons in the upmarket areas of Bangalore and New Delhi promoting them. For the uninitiated, Manga are Japanese comic book (read from right to left) and Anime their animated onscreen adaptation. An example of this genre would be the Jungle Book series aired on Doordarshan – a Japanese anime dubbed into Hindi and a household favourite in even the hinterlands of India.

As 2017 approaches and leaves behind a disturbing year, I look behind and see that these mangas and animes have been my only solace and drug. As a tribute and rather more, as an experiment, making this extremely short list of some of the mangas and animes that I love. Wanted to make a Jeremy Jahns or Jessica Chobot style video, but lack of resources (fully financial) allows me to do only this. Without much more typing, which is anyways too tiring- presenting, the noob’s guide to anime/manga.

PS- These are my opinion. There are millions of them and tastes vary. Also, have left out movies, one shots and extremely popular ones like Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail etc. Will expand the list gradually. For the first timers- get a life. Go Japanese.

  1. An inspiration and imo the best manga ever. A masterpiece even if I say so. Brilliant description of  the Tokugawa era Japan, more popularly known as the Edo period. Great characterisation, art and fight sequences. A samurai with an ego. There are animes too and even some live action movie.Have not seen them.lone_wolf_manga .
  2. The next is one of the coolest anime ever made, or I have ever watched. Dark, noirish (basically the same), with tight tension and a cute small dog. A little bit of space mercenary rip off from the west (Star Wars, if you do not get it), a little bit of Polanski style palette – but that is ok. Smooth talking Gunslinger with a sexy and odd bunch of friends, space mercenaries people. b1ae29e98dd6905fd318e5215a715816
  3.  This is epic. Epic, epic epic. A mindfuck of a manga, a mindfuck of an anime. This one rules. Awesome background score, awesome art and a story that inspired the Matrix trilogy of films. Yes, this inspired the Wachowskis (the hetro/homo pair of brother/sister directors) to make the the Matrix. I need not say more. Also, upcoming is a live action movie starring the sexiest voice in the movie industry at present, worldwide- Scarlett Johansson.3b8b8d4a8192849ba2d2de9762469697 Top 3 for the moment. More to follow…..

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